Entertainment: Lets Eat

February 16th 2023 in Travel
Entertainment: Lets Eat

Renting a car gives you the oppurtunity to explore the city and savor Antigua's mouthwatering dishes. So now you have arrived. You are excited to try new places when you have landed BUT where do you start? Well, Antigua is famous for it's vibrant food. Antigua and Barbuda has long imported most of its food, so it is not surprising that the food eaten by Antiguans and Barbudans consists of creole dishes or specialties that reflect the cuisine of the parent cultures. Ready to drive and dig in?


a dish of boiled yellow cornmeal and okra, similar to polenta, that accompanies a number of soups, stews and meats. It is commonly served with stewed saltfish, stewed red herring or shad coated in cornmeal and fried. It is also delicious served with stewed or boiled fish (also called ‘fish water’) and alongside stewed or curried conch. One of the most popular pairings is Fungee and Pepperpot, which is the national dish of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua black pineapple -

If you’re craving something fresh and refreshing in Antigua and Barbuda, you won’t go wrong with indulging in the local black pineapple, which is considered the sweetest variety of this fruit in the world.The Antiguan black pineapple is low in acidity. It has a crisp texture, golden-yellow flesh, plus its core is tender enough to be edible!

Miracle’s South Coast Restaurant

A local favorite in the Jolly Harbour area, the small Miracle’s South Coast Restaurant is known for its curry goat, lobster roti, jerk chicken and coconut shrimp. But seafood is a must. You can customize and choose how it’s prepared, whether grilled, jerked, curried or barbecued. Drive over to Miracle’s South Coast Restaurant!

Cecilia’s High Point Café

If you want a solid lunch or dinner Cecilia’s High Point Café won’t fail you. Its waterfront views and tasty hand-picked dishes make it a local favorite. If you’re not in a rush, take the time to peruse the day’s specials on a board, like Lobster Catalana and Country gazpacho soup. Also you can take advantage of their private beach! Ready to drive over to Cecilia’s?

Trappas Bar and Restaurant

This ramshackle blue cottage in English Harbour might appear unassuming, but crowds (locals, tourists, the yacht scene) descend upon Trappas for fresh seafood, a buzzy atmosphere and affordable prices. Check the blackboard for the current menu, which might offer hits such as fish balls, breaded calamari, tuna sashimi and West Indian curry. Drive over to Trappas Bar and Restaurant!

Papa Zouk

Tucked away on a side street in the capital of St. John’s, locals flock to this ramshackle seafood joint for good reason. Their lobster carnival - half lobster, mussels, shrimp, and calamari in a garlic butter sauce is guaranteed to be always perfectly cooked! Ready to drive over to Papa Zouk’s?

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